Local Christians Struggle With Cognitive Dissonance

Maybe it’s not cognitive dissonance, but there is something allowing my Christian brethren to accept, without

Photo:  Imgarcade.com
Photo: Imgarcade.com

unease, views that hold an internal contradiction.

This morning, I had to run a quick errand on my way to work. Before that stop, I listened to the host of a Christian talk show express her concerns and fears over the recent and forthcoming effects of decrees emanating from DC. She told her audience that, in essence, government is now hostile to our beliefs. Be prepared, but have faith, was her advice.

I fully agreed with her, thinking that she has finally seen the light – that championing the beast is not in our best interests.

With my morning task at hand, I stepped out of my car for not more than five minutes. Upon my return, the host was still talking in her concerned, fearful voice. But I soon realized I missed a segue. The troubles she was lamenting had changed. Now it was ISIS driving her to despair.

Gone was the specter of a vile, roving beast – government. In its place she now envisioned her defender hamstrung by Obama – a government and its military unable to destroy the world seven times over, or so I assume.

I shook my head because I know (continue reading


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