Forty Local Restaurants To Eat At for Under $10

Forty Local Restaurants To Eat At for Under $10

A dwindling food budget doesn’t always have to result in packages of four-for-a-dollar ramen and PB&J sandwiches — if you can scrounge up a handful of silver change from around the house (check those pockets!) or sell a short stack of books and records to McKay’s (how many Rush albums do you need, anyway?), you can afford to get out and treat yourself to a tasty dinner.

Not just a cheap dinner, but a delicious — and in some cases downright amazing — plate of food. These 40 dinners aren’t just gluttonous cheap-eats for the sake of filling your stomach while saving cash, either — these are some of Nashville’s tastiest can’t-miss dishes, even if you have the fattest wallet in Davidson County.

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