Don’t Be a Mosquito Magnet

Don’t Be a Mosquito Magnet

Have you ever caught yourself itching all over due to mosquito bites while your friend right next to you is enjoying the outdoors without a single bite? It may seem completely unfair that you’re some kind of mosquito magnet while others barely need a bug spray. Well, the two main factors that attract a mosquito are smell and sight.

If you’re dressed in dark colors you are more likely to be spotted by mosquitoes than those dressed in brighter colors. Another factor is the smell. Mosquitoes can whiff out a person who exhales more carbon dioxide.

Aside from scent and sight, there are other factors that make you a likely target for mosquitoes.

Factors that increase the risk of mosquito bites

Blood type: The only thing worse than being bitten by mosquitoes is being the only one getting bitten. Initially, you can blame your blood type for that. Although researchers are unclear about the exact reason why one blood type is more favorable than another, they have noted that type O seems to be the blood of choice.

Skin type: Another factor to keep in mind is one’s skin. Because each person’s skin is different, even if two people are bitten the same number of times, they may get different reactions. For example, one person might be itchier and another may be redder. And another might only get the tell-tale bump with no symptoms at all.

Diet: You may have also heard that your diet can make you more susceptible to bites. It’s been said that eating sweet things makes you more prone to the pests. Researchers haven’t found a diet-bite link, so your sweet tooth is in the clear (for now). (continue reading)

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