One Tick Bite Can Change Your Life

One Tick Bite Can Change Your Life

September Norman developed a life-changing allergy about two and a half year ago. She woke up in the middle of the night with a severe reaction.

“My whole body had giant hives all over it at that point. My husband told me my face looked like a giant red balloon. My lips looked like a clown, like I had painted them like a clown. They were so big and red,” explained Norman.

Her husband called 911 and emergency responders got to her just in time.

Norman learned in a matter of minutes her throat was about to swell shut.
“He asked me what we had eaten that night that I had the attack and of course we had steak on the grill, we had cheese for appetizers and those are all the culprits,” said Norman.

She also recalled recently getting a tick bite. After testing, doctors determined she contracted the Alpha-Gal allergy.

“He said I had (continue reading at WKRN)

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