Do You Remember the Unusual Riverfront Carousel?

Do You Remember the Unusual Riverfront Carousel?

Even long-time Nashvillians may have forgotten the quirky carousel that used to twirl along the banks of the Cumberland River.

Designed by the pop artist Red Grooms, the spinning homage to Tennessee delighted and bemused tourists and families, starting in the late 1990s. Then, it was abruptly closed and taken down.

That prompted this Curious Nashville inquiry from Becca Ganick:

What happened to the Red Grooms carousel?
Her question turned out to be a timely one, because it turns out the piece, formally known as the Tennessee Foxtrot Carousel, could be brought back.

Right now, the carousel is in the care of the Tennessee State Museum. And when officials show it to me, the museum’s registrar, Bob White, hits me with a quiz.

“You recognize any of the other characters?”

After some fumbling, I identify the figure as (continue reading at WPLN)

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