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Reach hundreds of thousands of middle TN’s sophisticated, affluent consumers and businessmen and women with NewSouthNews’ revolutionary advertising model.

  • You pay ONLY for the clicks you get…no vague promises of the impressions or clicks you MIGHT get.
  • You define EXACTLY how many clicks you want per day, week or month so your costs are known in advance.
  • You can advertise to our general readership or to specific category or keyword-based audiences.
  • You can even target specific communities in middle TN, so you only pay to show your ads to the consumers you want.
  • Our ads will direct traffic to your site with a specific code so you can track precisely where your visitors are coming from.

All this for a fraction of the price of clicks on Google Adwords or local traditional media options.  Additional discounts are available for six and twelve month contracts.

Your business may even be eligible for our barter partnership-so you can exchange your product or service for advertising on our site and within our email list of more than 25,000 subscribers.

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