Slow News Day Results in Pitiful Story by Local Reporter

Slow News Day Results in Pitiful Story by Local Reporter

New customers of the recently opened but now mysteriously closed Fit Food Revolution restaurant say they wonder whether their initiation fees will be refunded.

A sign posted on the door of the store’s Brentwood location at 18 Cadillac Drive reads, “Fit Food Revolution will be closed this weekend due to an unforeseen emergency. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

However, as of Wednesday the business that touts itself on gourmet fast food still has not reopened. Adding to the puzzling situation, the corporate phone number for the restaurant has been disconnected, its Twitter and Instagram feeds were taken down, and its Facebook page has remained inactive since March 27.

For Madison resident Shannon Williams, the demise of the meal program’s buy-in could mean the loss of more than $600.

“I just paid them $600 on Friday to take part in their 21-day plan … and for someone like me who’s 25 and barely making ends meet, this took all the savings I had to my name,” Williams said.

“And if you look at posts to their Facebook page, many other people have paid them a lot of money and are not getting any response from them.”

Repeated calls from Brentwood Home Page to owners Greg and Diane Selby, who are based in Memphis, have elicited no response. Employees spoken to by Brentwood Home Page declined comment.

The food review website Yelp lists Fit Food Revolution’s status as “BUSINESS CLOSED” and that adds to the worry that customers who purchased the restaurant’s meal plan and gift cards will not be reimbursed.

Fit Food Revolution has two locations: one in Brentwood that opened August 2014, and another in the Green Hills area of Nashville. The restaurant offered a “21-Day Revolution” meal plan, which purportedly would “revolutionize your health and body.”

The past few days Fit Food Revolutions’ Facebook page has been filled with angry customers demanding answers.

“Regardless of the current circumstances that have befallen the company, the manner in which it has been handled is (continue reading)

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