Slowly Dying Newspaper Industry Struggles to Adapt

Lebanon Democrat readers likely noticed a new look to Wilson County’s only daily newspaper Wednesday.


A new look to the paper’s flag and section headers complimented a smaller page size, which is more in line with the industry standard.

“We believe this new look brings our 127-year-old community newspaper into the 21st century,” said Jesse Lindsey, vice president and publisher of Lebanon Publishing Co. “The smaller page size allows our paper to be sleeker and more user friendly for our readers. And the new design of our flag and section headers create a look like no other.”

The page size reduction equals a little more than 1 inch in width, but it will mean decreased costs for Lebanon Publishing Co. since paper is bought and sold by the pound. The slight reduction in size also comes with a reduced size in newsprint to ensure the local community continues to get the same amount of daily news, sports, advertising and more from its newspaper.

“We did a lot of work over several months to ensure our readers would receive a smaller newspaper with (continue reading)

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