Law Enforcement Slow to Follow Up on Counterfeit Bills

Law Enforcement Slow to Follow Up on Counterfeit Bills

A bogus bill showed up in a Nashville supermarket, northeast of downtown, 10 days ago. The security manager has excellent surveillance footage of the man who was carrying the fake $100.

So why did the security team contact News 2 and not the Secret Service, the agency that handles this type of crime?

David Smith is the security supervisor at the H.G. Hill grocery store on Dickerson Road said on Monday that no one was doing anything about it.

Smith showed News 2 a number of bills he says are fake and passed through his story by a group of alleged counterfeiters.

One of those alleged suspects drove to the store in a gold car on March 28 and attempted to buy groceries with a fake $100 bill.

The clerk realized there was a problem and soon a store manager was looking at the bill in question, which was ultimately seized and given to Metro police.

The man even reportedly told employees his name is (continue reading)

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