Freeman Leads Race for Nashville Mayor

We’ve got about three months until Nashvillians go to the poll and make a choice on who they want to succeed Karl


Dean as mayor.

These next three months will feel like the last 30 seconds of a close college basketball game. Fouls, timeouts, refs going to the monitor and clock stoppages will make us antsy for Aug. 6 to come quicker. The candidates will likely feel the same way, given the intense schedule they have kept during the last three months.

While no candidate can win the election in these early months, recent campaign polling data seems to indicate that some settling out and stratification of candidates has occurred.

The seven major candidates — Metro Council member and businesswoman Megan Barry, attorney Charles Robert Bone, businessman David Fox, businessman Bill Freeman, Criminal Court Clerk and former Metro Council member Howard Gentry, LEAD schools founder Jeremy Kane, and businesswoman Linda Eskind Rebrovick — have maintained an incredibly busy schedule of appearances, forums and “debates,” most of which have been well-attended.

And several candidates have amplified those appearances with some “get to know me” advertising. I’d love to hear what you think about them.

So as we get ready to start the serious time in this election, what do we “know?” (continue reading)

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