Public Shocked to Discover Mayor Curses, Dislikes Other Politicians

An audio recording caught a mayor in Middle Tennessee cursing and speaking negatively about current and formershocked city leaders and employees.

New 2 obtained the recording, which appears to be the voice of La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron, having a conversation about his time in office and some of the people with whom he works.

”I was handed a mess and I’m going to deal with it. When I took office I had six lawsuits staring me in the face. The city was broke and I was $45 million in debt. I’m going to cure the whole thing and then little [expletive] like Box100 and the Rescue Squad, that’s little [expletive] to what I have to deal with,” mayor Waldron is heard saying.

The audio was allegedly recorded in a public setting.

The voices of the other people in the conversation were edited out to protect their identities. News 2 has also chosen to edit out the names of city employees and leaders referenced in the recording.

“I ought to keep [redacted], I ought to get [redacted], I ought to get [redacted] back, I ought to get [blank]. That would be a power house right there. Dumb, dumb and dumbest,” Waldron said.

Much of the conversation focused on (continue reading)

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