Media Continues to Air Anonymous, Unconfirmed Gossip About Legislator

Media Continues to Air Anonymous, Unconfirmed Gossip About Legislator

An intern is speaking out amid allegations of sexual harassment against a Tennessee lawmaker.

Rep. Jeremy Durham’s is in a new office, isolated from the rest of his colleagues on Capitol Hill as the Attorney’s General office investigates him for sexual harassment claims.

One former intern who walked these hallways asked to remain anonymous, but told Fox17 his first-hand knowledge about Durham and allegations of inappropriate behavior.

“He was always, from what I understood, too quick to be around the pretty interns,” the intern said. “There were rumors flying around, it wasn’t something that came as a shock at all and its actually shocking it took so long to come out.”

This former intern says he knows one of the alleged victims personally.

“We knew she felt uncomfortable and then spent the rest of session trying to refute anything ever happened.”

The former intern says the rumors and speculation didn’t appear to be any kind of secret.. But seemed to be more like well-known gossip.

When word got up to legislators, some are accused of not taking action sooner.

Fox 17 sat down with employment lawyer Harold Katrinsky, asking him to go over the state’s sexual harassment policy page by page. (continue reading)

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