Lost Brentwood Hiker’s Journal Reveals Courage, Resilience

Lost Brentwood Hiker’s Journal Reveals Courage, Resilience

The valiant efforts a missing Brentwood hiker made to stay alive and her concern for her family during her final days are public now.

Geraldine Largay set off on a monumental hike of the Appalachian Trail. When she got lost, she began documenting her thoughts and fears.

Largay’s remains were found in Maine last fall, along with her handwritten journal. Those intimate thoughts are now being shared with the world.

The unsuccessful search for Largay still keeps investigators up at night. Three times, they were within 100 yards of finding where she had built a shelter.

Largay’s journal entries indicate she lived nearly four weeks waiting for help that never came.

Kathryn Miles covered the story from the beginning for the Boston Globe. She has read the 1,500-page investigative file and Largay’s loving goodbyes to her family.

“I think it’s really telling about her character that in this incredible adversity, her thoughts really focused on their feelings, their needs, and making sure that their process would be as smooth and loving as possible,” Miles said.

Largay, 66, went missing on July 22, 2013, from the Appalachian Trail in western Maine. In her journal, she wrote that she stepped off to go to the bathroom and couldn’t find her way back.

Largay tried to text her husband but didn’t have a cell signal.

Her husband alerted authorities when she was overdue. Officials mounted an exhaustive search but couldn’t find her in the thick brambles.

Largay had set up a (continue reading at WSMV)


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