Exploring Nashville’s Underground

Exploring Nashville’s Underground

There are so many tunnels beneath downtown Nashville that it’s almost hard to picture.

That’s why we’re tracking down plenty of actual pictures, along with firsthand accounts of what’s down there.

For example: the gigantic stormwater tunnel — 16 feet across — that could easily carry a canoe for a few miles (although we’re still trying to figure out if such a canoe voyage has taken place). Then there’s the 4 miles of tunnels that carry steam and chilled water to about 40 downtown buildings. And for inquiring students at Vanderbilt University: Yes, there’s a tunnel system, and it’s not even really a secret. The alumni magazine toured it, and a map diagram is available right on the Metro government website.
But there’s so much more.

We’re learning about Nashville’s tunnels thanks to local music producer Mitch Dane. He asked us a question for our Curious Nashville project: (continue reading at NPR)



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