Eleven Tasty Lunch Tips for Under $2

Eleven Tasty Lunch Tips for Under $2

If you’re like most Americans, you’re eating lunch at your desk that probably came from the nearest take-out or delivery spot. You’re also probably spending between $7 and $15 each day for that convenience (that adds up to between $1,820 and $3,900 annually).

But what if you could eat delicious food that tastes a lot better, has more nutritional value and costs you less than $520 a year? Could you find something to do with that extra $1,300 to $3,380 each year? Like paying off some of your student loan debt? Or paying down your credit card balances? (You can see how your current debts are affecting your credit by viewing two of your credit scores, updated each month, for free on Credit.com.)

Click ahead for some great lunch ideas that will save you money and won’t cost you too much time in the kitchen. (Estimated costs per serving are based upon national average grocery prices and amounts used per recipe.) (continue reading at NewsChannel5)

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