One Reporter’s Favorite Hot Dog Joints

One Reporter’s Favorite Hot Dog Joints

The dog days of summer are absolutely delicious. But which hot dogs are the best?

If you’re a hot dog purist — wiener and bun only — this list is not for you.

My crack team of hot dog tasters and I went all over Nashville and tried every topping from pulled pork to pimento cheese. (We did NOT love that pulled pork-on-top dog, BTW.)

A shout-out to food writer Jim Myers, Arthur Myers, Ms. Cheap Mary Hance, retail reporter Lizzy Alfs, education reporter Jason Gonzales and itinerant designer and freeloader Ted Power for assisting in the process and offering their wiener thoughts.

Here, in my completely subjective, amateur opinion, are the five best hot dogs in Nashville. Feel free to offer your own opinions in the comments section or in my email box, doggone it. (continue reading at Tennessean)

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