Learn Effective Self Defense Tips with Krav Maga

Learn Effective Self Defense Tips with Krav Maga

Recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings are leading people to find ways to protect themselves when danger strikes. Here in middle Tennessee and worldwide: Krav Maga combat training is one way on the rise.

As a local fire fighter and paramedic, Brian Peters’ duty is to serve and protect.

Peters says , safety isn’t just the responsibility of those who serve our country, though. This weekend, he is teaching citizens to protect and fight back against attacks .

Joshua Sanders knows how to put out flames as a Franklin firefighter. Now, he’s learning how to extinguish another enemy like terrorism and…

“Increasing threats to law enforcement and public safety officials .There’s a potential that we may face people that want to do harm. As a citizen, husband and father, we want to be able to protect our families,” says Sanders.

The soon-to-be father is (continue reading at Fox17)

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