Retirees Flocking to TN for Climate, Cost of Living

Retirees Flocking to TN for Climate, Cost of Living

Washington, D.C.-based business and personal finance publisher recently ranked Tennessee the fourth-best state to retire, and locals agree.

The ranking from this month put Tennessee in the top 10 states, and the report cited the state’s low cost of living, low property taxes, low average health care costs, higher average household income, high number of residents 65 years old and older, and wide range of entertainment opportunities.

“I think Tennessee is finally getting recognized as a retirement spot,” said Ramay Winchester, director of tourism initiatives with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development.

Winchester said most retirees seem most interested in Tennessee’s economic benefits, but it’s a two-way street. In return, retirees stabilize Tennessee’s economy, as many bring their small businesses and nest eggs with them.

“Tourist developments and retiree recruitments have a significant economic impact,” she said. “The folks we’re promoting to are economically stable.”

Winchester also manages Tennessee’s retiree recruitment program, Retire Tennessee, which (continue reading)

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