Get Ready to Beat Ragweed Allergies This Year!

Get Ready to Beat Ragweed Allergies This Year!

If you are one who suffers from pollen allergies, this is the time of year the dreaded ragweed becomes a problem.

Ragweed season gets underway in Middle Tennessee around mid-August.

“It’s one of the most potent allergens that we have,” explained Dr. David Hagaman with the Vanderbilt Asthma Sinus and Allergy program. “It’s responsible for about half of all pollen allergy.”
Those who are allergic to ragweed can experience allergic rhinitis, itchy, watery nose and eyes, coughing, drainage and stuffiness.

“Those are some of the classic symptoms. If you are an asthmatic, there will be an exacerbation of your asthma, but what really bothers most people are the allergic rhinitis or the nasal symptoms,” Dr. Hagaman said.

Dr. Hagaman said the trick to treating an allergy to ragweed is (continue reading at WKRN)

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