Local Woman a Prominent Trump Advocate

Local Woman a Prominent Trump Advocate

They are out there– women who support Donald Trump. And the leading voice, as seen frequently on cable news networks, is Scottie Nell Hughes.

Hughes is now an official Donald Trump surrogate and CNN contributor. Her appearances on cable news are so frequent, she was recently spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.”

What you may not know, is that she was born and raised in Brentwood and she got her start on conservative talk radio.

News 2 spoke with Hughes, who says politics is in her blood.

“I eat, breath, and live the business of politics, especially these days and that’s probably a downfall I never get to turn it.”

She and her husband, a Republican party delegate, were even married on Legislative Plaza.

Hughes’ home office is also a (continue reading at WKRN)

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